Commercial services
Branded Content
At Exotic Milk, we make your brand unforgettable. From social media hits to TV spots, our creative content brings your vision to life and keeps your audience hooked.
Original Brand Content

Interchange Dance Project | "Somnia"

Stand out with original content that’s all about your brand. Podcasts, Q&As, bespoke video series—whatever you need, we make it unique and engaging.​​​​​​​
Events Coverage
Capture every moment with our event coverage.
From corporate events to concerts, we document everything in stunning detail.​​​​​​​
Stay relevant with our killer social media content. We craft eye-catching graphics, videos, stories, and live sessions that keep your followers coming back for more.​​​​​​​
Logo and Motion Design
Make your brand pop with our logo and motion designs. Animated logos, dynamic graphics—we create visuals that leave a lasting impression.

Zara | Lunar New Year

Real Estate and Construction

Congex construction services

Using top-notch drone tech, we provide killer aerial imagery and 3D maps for real estate and construction projects. Perfect for property visuals and site inspections.
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